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Order Blank Check Stock and Blank Check Paper online with StockChecks

StockChecks provides the widest selection of blank check stock and blank check paper online. Regardless of your needs, you will be sure to find the right blank business check stock with the exact features and colors you are looking for, all available with free same-day shipping (on orders placed by 3pm Monday to Friday). At StockChecks you can rest assured in knowing that we only offer the highest-quality blank check stock available, all at the lowest and most competitive pricing!

In addition to offering the best prices and fast, free shipping, we specialize in providing a wide selection of the latest features in our blank payroll checks. Below are some of the more popular features:

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Order Blank Business Checks with StockChecks

When looking to order blank business checks online, it is important to find checks that match both your payroll software but also feature the correct placement (top position, middle position or bottom position) and added features you are looking for. In addition, having your blank business checks or laser business checks match your company’s branding and colors is also equally important.

At StockChecks we understand the need for flexibility and customization when it comes to ordering blank business checks online and that is why we offer the widest selection available. Our business check paper comes in a large selection of colors, positions, features and even quantities. Regardless if your business needs a small amount of blank business checks (500 – 1000) or if you are looking for 10,000+ checks, we offer the best pricing and free, fast shipping to get your checks to your door fast!

Hologram Check Paper

For those looking to get a little extra security out of their payroll checks, choosing hologram checks could be a great option! Hologram check paper includes a wide range of security features but when searching for this type of check you are most likely interested in the hologram security feature. By having holograms embedded inside our blank hologram checks you can ensure that the checks will not be forged, copied or washed. You can click here to learn more about our hologram checks.

High Security Blank Check Paper

In addition to our blank check paper with hologram technology, we also offer a wide selection of other high security blank check paper options. Depending on the specific security checks you order, you can enjoy the added security benefits including hologram, photo copy void, thermochromic ink on the front of the check, coin reactive ink on the back of the beck, check security watermark, microprinting on the signature line / borders, padlock icon on front/back, security warning band borders, screened check back, microprinting on back, “non-negotiable” phrase on the back of the check and more! Our high security check paper offers you the peace of mind in knowing that it would be extremely difficult for someone to forge, copy or washing the checks.

Blank Laser Checks

For those looking for blank laser checks, StockChecks provided the largest selection of high-quality of blank laser stock available. Our blank laser checks come in the most popular positions including top position, middle position and bottom position. In addition to this, you can choose from a wide range of colors when selecting our blank laser checks including blue marble, green marble, burgundy marble, blue scallop, prismatic blue, reflex blue and more. Like our other products, when ordering our blank laser checks you will be able to take advantage of our free, same day shipping (on orders placed before 3pm M-F) and our unbeatable pricing, regardless if you order 500 checks or 10,000+.

Pressure Seal Checks and Forms

Our pressure seal checks / Z fold checks are great for customers looking for an all-in-one solution for their payroll checks or issuing out checks to contractors and other payees. With our pressure seal z fold checks, you are able to print the check information on the check portion of the document then, by using a pressure sealing machine, seal the check. Our pressure seal checks come in both z fold and c fold orientation. This helps save time and money as you eliminate the need to individually seal each check in its own envelope.

In addition to the pressure seal checks, we also offer pressure seal forms for your convenience. Our pressure seal forms come in both legal and letter sizes, allowing for easy use with whichever printer or software you use for your forms.

Perforated Checks

We have a wide selection of perforated checks available to choose from, including checks in the popular formats such as bottom position, middle position and top position. From there, you can select the quantity (we offer our unbeatable pricing on all orders, whether you select 500 or 10,000+) and finally select the color. When buying equal perforation checks from StockChecks you can rest easy knowing that our checks come with 10+ security features built in!

Laser Printed Checks

In addition to blank payroll checks, StockChecks offers a wide selection of pre-printed, laser printed checks. Our laser printed checks come pre-printed with your business and check information already imprinted on the checks. This includes address, business information, check numbers, checking account number, routing number and more. Utilizing our laser printed checks allows for standardization and simplicity, whether you plan to then print the remaining information (check amount etc.) or hand-fill it in. View our full selection by clicking imprinted checks.

Payroll Checks compatible with the most popular software

At StockChecks we provide payroll checks that are compatible with all of the major payroll and checking software. By purchasing our blank payroll check paper you can be sure you’re getting quality check paper, with added security features, all compatible with your specific software and printing methods. Below are some of the more popular compatible payroll check paper that we offer:

Compatible ADP Payroll Check Paper

If you use ADP© to run payroll, purchasing our compatible ADP payroll check paper can make life easier. Our blank ADP check paper comes in both top position and bottom position to match whichever orientation you prefer printing and is available in 4 different color schemes (reflex blue, green scallop, blue/green/blue and blue/purple/blue) allowing you to choose one that matches with your business and needs. Our compatible ADP check stock is available in quantities of 250 to 10,000+ and features 10 security features in each check.

Compatible Intuit QuickBooks Checks

For those using Intuit QuickBooks® for their payroll we offer compatible Intuit QuickBooks checks. These checks all come imprinted with your business information (business name, address, account number, routing number) and are available in both top position and three-to-a-page, depending on your printing needs. When selecting your compatible laser checks for QuickBooks you can choose either standard or hologram. Quantities can vary depending on the options you select though we do offer compatible checks for Intuit QuickBooks in quantities as low as 500 and as high as 15,000!

Quicken Compatible Checks

Our Quicken compatible checks come in both top position and three-to-a-page to allow for use in whichever printing method you prefer. From there you can select between standard or hologram depending on the level of security features you would like with your Quicken compatible checks.

Double Window Envelopes

When it comes to mailing out your payroll checks StockChecks has got you covered with a wide selection of double window envelopes and other mailing equipment. We offer both double window self seal envelopes and gummed envelopes to make it easy with whichever sealing method you use. In addition, our double window envelopes come in both #9 (8 7/8” by 3 7/8”) and #10 (9 ½” by 4 1/8”) sizes. For specific compatibility, we also offer a range specific window envelopes depending on your software needs, such as compatible QuickBooks envelopes and Safeguard compatible envelopes.

Pressure Sealer Machines

For businesses looking to speed up their check sealing process, we offer a wide range of pressure sealer machines. Depending on your specific check pressure sealing needs, we have machines that can handle 1,800 sheets per hour and ones that can handle up to 10,000 sheets per hour.

Medical Billing Statement Forms

In addition to payroll checks we also sell other items, such as our medical billing statement forms and CMS 1500 forms. Our medical statement forms come in a variety of options, sizes and quantities to fit the needs you and your medical office have.

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