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Have you been searching for the best value laser business checks? If so, look no further than the wide selection of business laser checks Stock Checks has to offer. We believe in providing affordable, high-quality blank laser business checks for payroll and related check products, such as blank laser check paper, double window envelopes, pressure seal machines, imprinted checks, software compatible checks and more! For all of your business laser checks needs, you can count on Stock Checks!

Best Value Laser Business Checks

At Stock Checks we believe you should not have to compromise on quality when ordering value laser business checks. That is why all our value business checks come standard with high-quality features all for the lowest prices around. In addition, we understand that every customer has their own requirements, whether that be for order quantity or check position. Our laser business checks come conveniently in all available positions (top, middle, and bottom position) and come in quantities of 500 to 10,000+.

Business Laser Checks in a Variety of Options

When ordering your business laser checks from us you will be happy to find that we offer the widest selection of laser checks around. Regardless of if you need top-position, middle-position or bottom-position, our laser checks come in a variety of colors to fit your specific needs. From solid colors, prismatic, linen colors and more, we have the right business laser checks to complement you and your business.

Professional, High Security Laser Business Checks

You should not have to compromise on quality or security features when ordering value laser business checks. That is why all our laser business checks come standard with some of the latest and highest quality security features. Often found in more expensive laser check offerings, the value laser business checks at Stock Checks include the below security features:

  • Microprint Warning Band Border – Reads “Original Document” / when copied, the wording is no longer readable.
  • Security Warning Band Border – The most popular security border available on laser business checks.
  • Padlock Icon – This indicates that the laser check meets industry standard security guidelines, neatly listed on the back.
  • Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Icon – The red key disappears when subject to heat or touch.
  • Padlock Icon on Back – Lists additional visible and concealed security features.
  • Check Security Watermark – When held at an angle, words “Original Document” appear.
  • Screen Check Back – This laser business check feature helps deter duplication. The screen does not reproduce when copied.
  • Microprinting Below Endorsement Area Line – The line copy reads “Original Document.” When copied, the wording is not readable.
  • Coin Reactive Ink – When rubbed with a coin, a key will appear underneath the image.
  • Non-Negotiable Phrase – The secures the laser business check from alteration.