Imprinted Checks - Imprinted Business Checks

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Imprinted Checks - Imprinted Business Checks

Laser Printed Checks – Laser Printer Checks


Intuit Compatible Check Paper

Standard Black Imprinted Laser Checks


Intuit Compatible Check Paper

Hologram Imprinted Laser Checks


Imprinted Checks and Imprinted Check Options
At Stock Checks we offer a wide selection of business checks, including imprinted checks and imprinted business checks. Our imprinted checks are already imprinted with your information on the actual check, from your business name and address to check numbers, routing numbers, account numbers and more.

Imprinted Checks and Security Features
All of our imprinted checks offer three levels of Check Security: Basic checks, Standard and Hologram. Our Basic checks offer 10 security features that meet or exceed all banking industry guidelines including Check21 compliance and ANSI standards. We add additional features to our Standard program including UV Fibers, chemical reactive paper, and Printloc Toner Adhesion. Our highest security Hologram check includes all of the above, plus a high-security Hologram image.

Our imprinted checks come in both basic imprinted checks, Standard Black Imprint and hologram imprinted checks, to suit your needs regardless of what they are. We also offer our imprinted checks in the most popular colors and positions, including top position, middle position, bottom position and 3 to a page.

Regardless how many imprinted checks you need, we can help accommodate you. Our quantities start at 500 and go up to 4000. If you would need larger quantities, simply give us a call at 888-391-7898 or email us at