Blank Hologram Checks – Why Choose them?

Blank hologram checks are high-security checks with features to protect your money on multiple levels. At Stock Checks, we understand you cannot afford to take risks with your personal or business’ money. Be at ease when processing payroll or processing payments for invoices when you use blank checks with countless high-security features. Blank Hologram check paper is the highest security option when it comes to processing payments via check.

High-Security Hologram Checks Prevent Fraud

Hologram checks are difficult to reproduce with common printers because of the hologram and other security features included on the blank check paper. If someone attempted to make a copy of a blank security check they would end up with either a fully black, fully white or otherwise highly distorted page. The technology used to produce these checks correctly is proprietary. Many of the security measures taken when producing high-security hologram checks are not readily visible but are easy to locate when the check is examined properly or if it has been tampered with. For example, many high-security checks have a chemical-wash detection area that becomes clearly visible if someone attempts to wash these checks.

Security Features of Blank Hologram Checks

  • Foil Hologram – A hologram oval which contains the words “genuine” and  “original” is on every one of our blank hologram checks. These holograms are one of the features that make the checks difficult to reproduce.
  • Security Fibers – Invisible fluorescent fibers that are only visible under UV light with visible red and blue fibers are included in the hologram check paper. The fibers are nearly impossible to copy or reproduce without the proprietary equipment.
  • Heat-Sensitive Icon – An icon created with thermodynamic ink that fades when the heat from a fingertip is pressed to it. This icon reappears when it cools and is a quick way to verify that a hologram check is real.
  • Watermark – A true in-paper fourdrinier watermark is pressed into the paper for quick authentication. These watermarks are nearly impossible to fraudulently reproduce, another great security feature of the hologram checks.
  • Security Screen – The words “Original Document” will disappear or get distorted in a copy due to a security screen which is included in our blank hologram checks.
  • List of Security Feature – Not every high-security check has exactly the same security features. In order to know which ones to check for, all of the security features are listed on the back of each one of our hologram checks.
  • Borders – A high resolution and a microprint border is used on the hologram checks which are hard to replicate due to the fine detail. They generally become blurry when a copy is made.
  • Additional Microprint Features – The signature and endorsements lines are also printed extremely small making them difficult to duplicate.

High-security hologram checks have numerous features to keep your money safe from criminals and fraud attempts. Duplicating or washing these checks is near impossible to accomplish without revealing the security features. A bank teller would be able to identify a copy or washed check in seconds. Invest in the highest security checks out there. Using high-security holographic check paper is one of the greatest security measures you could take in protecting your money. Click the following links to view our wide selection of hologram checks and high security blank check paper.

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