Different Kinds Of Pressure Seal Checks

Stock Checks in the best choice for pressure sealers, and pressure seal checks. We provide business checks, forms, and envelopes for a business’s needs. Stock Checks specializes in offering high-quality business products at the best possible price. One great product we offer is pressure seal checks. This type of check is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Stock Checks has a great selection of pressure checks and pressure sealers. In addition, it is also important for a person to understand the benefits of using this system.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Pressure Seal Checks

  • What Is A Pressure Seal Check
  • Types
  • What Is A Pressure Sealer
  • Benefits

What Is A Pressure Seal Check?

A pressure seal check is a one-page self-mailing document that is sealed through a unique bonding process that does not require water or heat. The patterns that are specially formulated using a cohesive glue become aligned during the folding process. The checks are then tightly folded and sealed by using a pressure folder/ sealer. Pressure seal checks are available in numerous, sizes, colors, from Stock Checks.

Types of Pressure Seal Checks

Stock Checks has an excellent inventory of different types of pressure seal checks. The Z Fold check has two sections for information and is made into a variety of sizes. Stock Checks has a variety Z Fold checks such as the Eccentric Z-Fold, and the Legal Eccentric Z Fold. These checks are available in a variety of colors and prices.

What Is A Pressure Sealer

A pressure sealer is a machine that creates a seal without the need for an envelope. This type of machine can hold thousands of paper every hour. Stock Checks has a great selection of pressure seal machines that are perfect for an office. The PSM 10K and the PSM 3000C are just a few of our excellent pressure machines. These pressure sealer machines can work with pressure seal checks and have duty cycles of 10,000/mo 25,000/mo, 40,000/mo, and 200,000/mo. Stock Checks can provide the best pressure seal machine based on an organizations needs, usage requirements, and budget.

Benefits of Pressure Seal Checks

There are many benefits to using a pressure seal system (pressure seal checks, pressure seal machines). One is increased productivity, which results in decreasing processing time. This system also reduces material costs which allow an organization to save money. Using a pressure system is also excellent for emailing confidential information as the envelope is sealed with a strong seal. Next, this eliminates hand folding, stuffing which will allow a business to focus on other important tasks. Medical and insurance companies would benefit from these products. These industries use forms to send invoices, to customers and patients at a high volume. As a result, this would allow these industries to have a more efficient mailing system.

Stock Checks is the number one choice for pressure sealers and pressure sealer checks. We have the best inventory of these supplies for any size business. Call today at (888) 391 7898 to speak to a qualified representative regarding our supply of pressure sealers and pressure checks.

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