Saving Time and Money Ordering Checks Online

Order New Personal Checks Order New Personal Checks

If you regularly order new personal checks, then you are aware of how high the cost keeps getting. Only a few Banks provide their client’s with free checks. However, most Banks do not. Ordering checks through your Bank is the most expensive route to you can take. Leaving you stuck restocking every so often slowing chipping away your finances.  

This manner of check restocking is far too costly and inefficient. That is why Stock Check proudly provides you with a range of options that completely simplify your entire check ordering process from beginning to end.

Advantages That Set The Standards For Ordering Checks

A volume discount is one of the advantages of ordering check stock online through Stock Checks. We help you save up to 50% on ordering check stocks online as opposed through your Bank. That is why we have dedicated years to providing quality check stock for the best possible price.

Our purpose is to ensure you will always have checks on you when you need. Stay conveniently restocked before you ever run out. Having check stock on hand is still necessary today for paying any form of rent or school activities. Not every merchant in today’s world accepts credit cards or electronic payments.

All You Will Need To Order Your Checks Online

When you order new personal checks online, all you will need to provide is:

  • Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Personal Contact Information

All this information is easily found on your existing checking account. Your routing and account numbers are found at the bottom of any your checks.

Safe To Order Your Checks Online

Our checks stock are 100% in accordance with the Check Payment Systems Association. This ensures that the checks you order through Stock Checks are universally accepted. This includes by banks and all merchants alike.  

The numbers we print on your check orders are Wired Coded in a format called MICR. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Charter Recognition. This means a metallic ink is utilized so computers can easily read and verify the authenticity of your check. Further ensuring your checks cannot be easily counterfeited or copied.

When you order new personal checks through Stock Checks, you get quality pricing and styles. We are your reputable check stock ordering company with years of trusted service.  If you are looking for the highest quality blank check printing for your business with the best prices, contact us at 888-391-7898.

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