Top five uses for Z-Fold Pressure Seal Forms


1. Z-fold pressure seal mailers are ideal for paychecks.

Handling corporate finances can be very stressful, especially if you handle paychecks. With every paycheck comes the concern that something could go wrong. Now, thanks to Z-fold mailers, you can rest assured that the paychecks will be folded, sealed, and ready for delivery to your employees.

2. Z-fold pressure seal mailers can be used to send out important notices.

In every growing business there arises the need to send out some kind of notice or memo, whether it is addressed to all of a company’s employees or to a single individual. Z-fold pressure seal mailers can take some of the hassle out of this task, too! Your notices will be signed, sealed, and securely delivered in no time.

3. Z-fold mailers can be used for sending grade reports.

We prefer certain documents, like grade reports, be kept private, but they also need to be timely. With Z-fold mailers, grade reports can be sent securely and quickly without the worry that they will be seen by anyone but the intended recipient.

4. Z-fold mailers are great for invoices.

Invoices are another integral part of doing business. They contain personal information that we do not want to be given out to just anybody. With Z-fold mailers, they can be much more easily produced and sent with complete privacy.

5. Z-fold mailers can be used for sending secure direct deposit and bank statements.

Identity thieves are increasingly preying on lives and finances. You want your personal financial records kept secure. With Z-fold mailers, your personal security is ensured.

Z fold mailers are the ideal choice to give a professional appearance while providing extra security. Using them is simply a smarter way of doing business.