Top Green scallop void Laser Check WLSTK1SVHG



Green Scallop Void Top position Blank Laser Check

  • Top Position –   Perforations at 3.5″ and 7.0″
  • Minimum of 14 FREE Security Features
  • Quantities: Start at 500 Checks
  • Size: 8½” x 11″
  • Border: Security Warning Band With Padlock Icon
  • Paper: 24#  Defensa True Paper
  • Packaging: Polywrap protected  (checks are packaged in 250 quantity, shrink wrap protective plastic, protecting them from dirt, particles and moisture)
  • Security Features include True Watermark, Invisible Fibers, VDOT Technology and Thermochromic ink
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Top Green Scallop Void Blank Laser Check
Top Green scallop void Laser Check WLSTK1SVHG