Prevent Prescription Forgery With The Right Secure Paper

Secure Prescription Printing

Nowadays, stricter laws are being put into action to prevent people from forging prescriptions. Even though only a qualified physician or nurse is legally allowed to write a prescription, forging still happens. The DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency, reports fraudulent prescription costs almost $5 billion every year. To help combat these fraudulent healthcare acts, many medical facilities have turned to Stock Checks. We provide security features that truly deliver Secure Prescription Printing.

Prescription Protection From The Start

Prescription fraud happens when someone uses a fake prescription to obtain medication. With Stock Checks, you get Secure Prescription Printing that stops prescription forgery. Layers of additional security features have been implemented throughout our checks and documents.

In order to be considered Tamper Resistant by the CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Prescription Paper must include certain security standards. These include:

  • Security Design to prevent unauthorized copying of blank or completed prescription form
  • Security Design to prevent modification of information on a prescription form
  • Security Design to prevent the use of counterfeit prescription forms

Stock Checks exceeds these industry requirements. We go beyond the standard security features by including:

Chemical Paper

Protects your prescription forms form any alterations. The form changes color is exposed to bleaches, solvents, acids, and bases. This easily provides you with obvious signs of alterations or tampering.

Enhanced Toner Adhesion Coating

A coating is utilized to protect documents when being printed. The coating bonds the toner to the fibers of the paper document.

Invisible Fluorescent Fibers

Allows you to verify document authenticity with a UV Light

VOID Pantograph

If an attempt to scan or photocopy is made, “VOID” appears on the copied or scanned document.

Micro Printing

Very small type, typically at .010, is used on the signature line. To the naked eye, this line is solid. However, under magnification, it is not. But, when attempts to scan or copy happen, the line becomes solid.

Artificial Watermark

When held at a 45-degree angle, the watermark image is revealed. This mage cannot be copied or scanned. There is no way of replicating the watermark.

Heat Sensitive RX Symbol

When the Prescription Form is heated or rubbed, the RX symbol changes color.

Erasable Ink

If someone attempts to alter the form by erasing any information on it, the backgrounds color changes.

Listed Security Features

On the back of our Secure Prescription Forms, recipients are advised of the security features.

When you order Secure Prescription Paper from Stock Checks, you get quality security that cannot be replicated. We take pride in the years of trusted service for all check ordering & form printing solutions. Contact us at (888) 391-7898 if you are looking to protect against Prescription Forgery.

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