Payroll Company Savings


The Customer Challenge

A large payroll company was processing 10,000 checks to meet the payroll deadline for several clients every week. The volume wasn’t large enough for the company to hire an employee simply for the task of stuffing paychecks into envelopes and mailing them on a weekly basis.

Check Stock
Hologram Imprinted check

The company needed a faster, more economical way to produce and mail checks consistently for their clients each week. Additionally, they needed a check solution that was tamper evident to address the privacy needs of their clients.

The Program Solution

Our pressure seal/folder sealer systems with secure pressure seal check stock provided everything they needed to reduce time and labor costs spent on the payroll process and tackle client privacy concerns at the same time. The self-sealing documents run on our high-volume model allowed the customer to fold and ship 10,000 weekly payroll checks in one hour. No more folding by hand, no more envelopes to stuff.

Pressure Seal Equipment

The Payback

The pressure seal/folder system provided the payroll company significant savings on labor and productivity. They also gained valuable customer satisfaction by being able to meet client deadlines and privacy needs week after week.

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