Patriot Software Checks - Patriot Compatible Checks

When it comes to your business, the entire payroll process can feel like a hassle but printing your own payroll checks doesn’t have to be. It can actually be simple enough to do in the convenience of your own home! You can do this by using the Patriot Payroll Checks Software and printing these on the compatible Stock Checks blank payroll checks.

Patriot Software Checks

Patriot Software is an accounting and payroll software designed to help you with all of your business needs. It is a simple type of software that doesn’t require extensive training prior to use. The Patriot Software Check Provider works by allowing you several different options for check payment, pay stubs, tax deductions, W2 reports, direct deposit, and more. One major option provided by Patriot Software is that you can print payroll checks and pay stubs from your own computer in the home. All the Patriot Checks Software requires is compatible blank payroll checks stock to print on.

Payroll Checks Compatibility

Each brand of blank payroll check stock is compatible with certain payroll check software. Stock Checks happen to be suitable for the Patriot Checks Software. This combination of Patriot Software and Stock Checks payroll checks stock allows for payroll checks to print one per page on 8 ½ x 11 blank check paper.

Benefits of our Patriot Software Checks


At Stock Checks, we know that your business and personal information is private, which is why we make it a critical point to ensure the highest level of security for any details provided. All of our payroll checks are Bank Approved. Not only this, our payroll checks are designed with security in mind. We lean toward layered checks, which adds extra security protection. These types of additional security markings on the checks include heat sensitive inks, ink eradication, microprinting, and watermark use. Using heat sensitive technology allows for extra safety because if heat should be used as a way to tamper with the check, then a red key icon will disappear from the check. Microprinting is also a fantastic level of security for our checks because it creates an effect where if copied, the wording is illegible. Watermark use is a great layer of safety because words can be viewed at a certain angle to test authentication.

High Quality

We offer top quality blank payroll checks stock that meet all of the needs you have for business checks. Our layouts, styles, colors, and materials allow for the best types of checks to be printed.


From top position checks, middle position checks, and bottom position checks all the way to blank hologram checks and value checks, we offer a variety for all types of checks. For each type of check, there are over a dozen unique layouts and selection of colors.


The blank payroll checks are extremely convenient because with the Patriot Software Check Provider, you can print payroll checks from your own computer and printer at home. Stock Checks is also convenient because there is an option for same-day delivery. If you find you have run out of blank paper checks or don’t have any to begin with, then do not fret because we can get them to you the day you order, as long as you place the order before 3 PM.

Add Ons

Along with our great quality of payroll checks, we also extend our products to include double window envelopes. When you are mailing out payroll checks for your business, you may need envelopes with openings that align to addresses. Our blank payroll checks are compatible with Patriot Payroll Checks Software, which means we have envelopes that will match the checks with the correct size and openings.

One of the best parts about using Stock Checks blank payroll checks is that you can use them with the compatible Patriot Payroll Checks Software to print your business checks in your very own home. Stock Checks provides the best, high-quality payroll check stock on the market, so when you use them for printing with Patriot Checks Software, you get legitimate, professional paychecks. We believe in making matters simpler for our clients, so we make it a point to provide all of your business needs regarding payroll checks and mailing.