Create Valid Checks with Intuit Compatible Checks from Stock Checks

Have you been trying to find another way to create valid payroll checks? At Stock Checks, you can purchase blank checks, which are compatible with multiple types of software for check printing, like Intuit. These Intuit compatible checks can be used with the software to create valid payroll checks, all in the convenience of your […]

Create Valid Checks with Quickbooks Compatible Checks from Stock Checks

If you need alternative options for printing valid payroll checks, then Stock Checks is the company to turn to. We have the best blank checks for Quickbooks so you can print them out yourself from your own home or office. Quickbooks Compatible Checks from Stock Checks As the preferred company for high-quality blank check paper, […]

IPPA and Stockchecks, Inc

Stock Checks has become an allied member of IPPA, the Independent Payroll Providers Association. IPPA is a national association of privately held companies whose primary function is the preparation of payroll and payroll taxes for employers of all sizes. The mission of the IPPA is to provide forums and resources to assist members in advancing […]

The trick to running a 10k in your office

Several months ago, some of the guys in the office talked me into running a 10k race with them. Having never conquered a long distance run before, I had no idea what I signed up for. Ignorance is bliss…or blisters, as it were in my case. I became painfully aware that having the right equipment […]

Top five uses for Z-Fold Pressure Seal Forms

1. Z-fold pressure seal mailers are ideal for paychecks. Handling corporate finances can be very stressful, especially if you handle paychecks. With every paycheck comes the concern that something could go wrong. Now, thanks to Z-fold mailers, you can rest assured that the paychecks will be folded, sealed, and ready for delivery to your employees. […]