How Payroll Software Uses Check Paper

Checks can be purchased from a bank or printed by one’s own company. Finding out that this is possible can be exciting, but there are many things that need to be done to satisfy the bank’s requirements. The benefits of check printing include cutting costs, having a steady supply of check paper is easier than buying checks in bulk and being able to customize the checks. However, if the bank doesn’t like the format of the check they can deny it. This can be more trouble than buying the checks in the first place. Getting the right software is important for making the process of check printing convenient and correct.


Is Custom Check Printing Possible


Check printing can be done without any special software, but it requires design and resources every time a change must be made. Software designed for check printing will be easy enough for someone without experience in graphic design to manage. Patriot software is easy to use and designed for smaller business who have smaller budgets but still want to automate and cut costs on check printing.

Stock checks are made from a special type of paper that makes it more difficult to forge or recreate the check. Security is an important aspect of check printing. Taking the act of check printing out of the hands of the bank puts the liability in the hands of the company. To ensure the safety of the clients and employees, check paper should be used.


Font and Ink


MICR font, short for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, is used mainly by the banking industry. It has a rigid style that clearly accentuates the positioning of the identifying features of certain characters. In other words, machines can read the information on the check easily and accurately. Processing checks through machines allow the process to go much more quickly and have fewer errors. Having this font style available on the software is necessary for any company who wants their checks to be accepted.


Magnetic ink is important for the bank information which is printed at the bottom of the check in the MICR font because it also needs a certain material to be detected properly by machines. If printed in normal ink, it runs the risk of being illegible to a machine. If it does end up needing to be manually processed it can result in extra fees that will cost more than the price of magnetic ink. The other information is not necessary to print in magnetic ink. This can be pre-printed by another company to save on resources.

For any business looking to save money on checks bought from banks, check printing can be done with the right software. Stock Checks provides check paper and other office services. Call (888) 391-7898 or visit to order now.

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