How Does Payroll Work

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Whether you are starting up a new business or already own one, then you know you must pay your employees. Understanding how payroll works is one of the most important processes a business faces. Stock Checks helps prevent any payroll issues before they even happen.

If an employer fails in their payroll duties, then their employees will be less motivated to work harder. We provide your business with the check stock coverage needed to prevent any drop in productivity for your business. Stock Check truly simplifies this process with our printable payroll check stock that is right for your business.

Where To Buy Payroll Checks

When you order your payroll checks through us,  your checks are only printed on check stock. This means security features are automatically put in place to prevent fraud. With Stock Checks, you decide the check stock you need and personalize it with your business branding.

Payroll Checks For Payroll Purposes

Our payroll checks are specifically designed for properly paying employees. Like a business check, the payroll check includes a portion for the payee, net amount, date, and signature.

The benefits our checks provide contain features that a business check nor a personal check has. This includes features such as:

  • Room For Hours
  • Earnings
  • Deductions

The Payroll Check Format

When you order payroll check stock through Stock Checks, you are provided with a variety of check formats to select from. You decide whether to have the pay stub location preference. You decide whether you want your checks to be a manual payroll where you write in the information you want yourself. Giving full control of the options of personalizing your order of payroll checks.

The Features Of Payroll Checks

  • Custom Or Blank
    • This option allows you to customize your payroll checks with your business logo
  • Pay Stub
    • A paystub option is very important. With this option, your employees’ pay stubs show all sources of income as well as deductions
  • Security
    • Our payroll check stock comes with security features such as a watermark, marbled background, or heat sensitive fibers
  • Color
    • Payroll checks with a custom background or special fonts.

When you order payroll checks through Stock Checks, you get quality printing and pricing. We pride ourselves in years of trusted service for all your check stock ordering processes. If you are looking for the best quality check stock prices for your business, contact us at (888) 391-7898.


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