How Can You Verify Funds On A Check?

Bank Official Verifying A Check

Checks a used for a number of payments. However, being able to decipher whether or not the check is valid can be tricky. You simply cannot tell if a check is good or not just be looking at it. That is why It is always a wise decision to verify a check. Especially if you are having doubts as to whether or not the check will bounce.

If you end up depositing a bad check, you will have to pay your bank fees. Forcing you to waste additional funds in order for you to get the money you were owed.

Fortunately, there are several ways to verify funds on a check before attempting to deposit it into your bank.

How To Verify A Check Is Real

It is very difficult to know for certain if a check will bounce or not. However, there is important information you can gather in order to verify the funds on a check. Information that answers the following questions:

  • Is the check a legitimate document?
  • Does the checking account have the available funds?
  • Does the person have a habit of bouncing checks?

If you have been given a check you are suspicious about, the best way to verify a check is to contact the check writer’s bank. To do this you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the Bank Name (On the front of the check)
  2. Contact that bank’s customer service
  3. Ask to “Verify A Check”
  4. Provide the bank account number & routing number (located at the bottom of the check)
  5. Provide the amount on the check

Use A Legitimate Source To Verify A Check

A check should have the bank’s name, number, and logo printed on it. However, you should verify that the information is correct online through their website. This way, you eliminate the possibility of being scammed by a con artist.

If a check is fake, a con artist will provide a fake number and a fake customer service agent. Always make sure you verify a check through legitimate online research. Matching the information on the check with the information on that bank’s website.

How To Prevent Check Fraud Problems

The safest way to verify a check is real is to cash the check in person at the check writer’s bank. Visiting their bank in person guarantees the funds are drawn from that account immediately.

If you cash or deposit the check at your own bank, you will have to wait a few days or weeks to spend that money. Unless you are 100% confident the check won’t bounce. If the check bounces, you will be responsible to repay any of that money spent.

How To Spot A Genuine Check

Even if the check writer’s account has the available funds, you could have been paid with a fake check. Nowadays, It is very easy to replicate a real check. Make sure to inspect every check you receive.

Most checks have several security features located on the back of the check. These features include:

  • A Security Screen On The Back of The Check
  • Microprinting on the Signature Line
  • Smudging or discoloration are signs of an altered check

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