Common Envelopes For Business Use

common envelope

Stock Checks has many resources including self-seal envelopes, gummed envelopes, and pressure sealing machines available for purchase that will cut costs or time spent mailing.
Despite the importance of saving resources and the increased practice of digital computing, many businesses require physically mailed envelopes to get out confidential information. Making this process as convenient and secure as possible is important for the efficiency of the business. Here are some of the products Stock Checks offers for this market.

  • Gummed And Self-Sealing Envelops
  • Window Envelopes
  • Pressure Sealed Checks

Gummed and Self-Sealing Envelopes

Gummed envelopes have the adhesive on the flap that becomes sticky when wet. These traditional style envelopes are fine for low quantities or more personalized letters.

Self Sealing envelopes remove the complications of old-fashioned envelope sealing. They keep the convenience of envelopes intact without any tedious licking. Simply pressing the flap to the envelope will seal it. For a business who can’t afford pressure sealing, this product is a cheaper option for cutting down time spent preparing envelopes.

Window Envelopes

Windows are available for gummed and other styles of envelopes. Window envelopes allow the return address to be seen from the inside without compromising the seal of a gummed envelope. These windows also serve as a shipping label so that no extra costs need to be wasted on imprinting or labeling addresses. The return address on the check inside can be seen if the right sized window envelope is used. Window and double window self-seal envelopes are available as well.

Pressure Sealed Checks

Pressure seal machines use no heat or water but will use a specially formulated glue to seal a check within itself. Envelopes aren’t necessary with a pressure seal machine. Never again mistake two checks as one and place them in the same envelope or place a check in the wrong envelope. Pressure sealed checks are independent and can be mailed without organization. All of the information is done on the check printing software and added to the blank checks.

Different types of folds are available from a pressure sealing machine. The Z-fold is a lateral fold that only goes in one direction. Depending on the formatting of the information on the check, the fold will want to cover certain surfaces. An eccentric Z-fold covers a different size and surface area than a Z-fold for uneven checks. C-folds fold the two long ends of the paper towards the center for window-like effect. An eccentric C-fold will overlap the two flaps disproportionately.

Pressure sealing machines can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 and have duty cycles of around 10,000 to 40,000 seals a month. With that many documents being printed, a pressure sealer will save a lot of time and error. Storing company specific envelopes is also unnecessary with a pressure sealer since any business branding can be done on the check printing software.

Envelopes must be able to accommodate multiple dimensions of paper. Legal and letter are the two standard sizes of paper in the U.S. Letter size is 8 ½” wide by 11” long. Legal is 8 ½” wide by 14” long. Stock Checks provides envelopes for any size or need. Visit Stock Checks or call 888-391-7898 for any physical envelope mailing needs.

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