Choosing the Best Business Check Paper

Consider all of the options when it comes to choosing the best business check paper. Different types of check paper are good for different purposes, and understanding these purposes will help with making business check paper purchasing decisions. A couple of factors to consider include the bookkeeping software being used and accounting processes.

Types of Business Checks

There are multiple types of business check paper and multiple ways to categorize them, which can make finding the best check paper for your business needs seem a little daunting at first. The simplest way to categorize the best business check paper for your use case is based on the position of the actual check on the paper. The position of the check may be at the top, middle, or bottom of the piece of the business check paper. The position of the check needed is determined predominantly by the accounting software your company or business is using. There are also business check paper options with 3 checks on the one page.

Top Position Checks: This type of business check paper is the most common because of the fact that it is compatible with multiple brands of accounting and payroll software. Multi-purpose voucher checks with two stubs are a feature of top position checks. The two stubs make it possible for the business printing the check to keep a copy for their records. The extra stub is one reason that this is the check of choice for tracking payroll and accounts payable.

Middle Position Checks: The most common software that requires middle position business check paper is Peachtree. The check is printed in the middle of the paper, the bottom has information for the payee’s records, and the payer keeps the top portion for their records.

Bottom Position Checks: There are is a variety of software that uses bottom position business check paper, where the check is on the bottom of the page. The top portion of the check is kept for the payer’s record as usual.

3-To-A-Page Checks: True to its name, 3-to-a-page business check paper has 3 checks per page of paper. These checks are an eco-friendly and cost-effective type of check paper predominantly used with Quickbooks software. 3-to-a-page check paper is also the best check paper to use for handwritten checks.

Choose Stock Checks For Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the main reasons why companies rely on accounting and payroll software. Choosing the proper checks for your businesses software is important for maximum efficiency in regards to printing checks. Quickbooks and Peachtree are 2 examples of software that are compatible with specific types of business check paper for printing. Check printing software can save hours of valuable time for a business compared to handwriting and recording each check. 

Purchasing Business Check Paper for Printing

Purchasing business check paper for printing used to be a transaction that occurred between banks and businesses. In today’s modern age, checks can be ordered online from a variety of trusted sources. Online business check options are much less limited than bank options while offering superior security features. In many cases, a business can even order samples of the best check paper from online stores, such as StockChecks, to help make a purchasing decision.

Order the Best Business Check Paper Today

The best business check paper varies depending on each business’s needs and the accounting software used. Once the type of business check paper needed is clear, all that is left is choosing a company to buy from. Stock Checks is a trusted source that has been servicing businesses for many years and offers a variety of check paper types to every customer. Contact Stock Checks to order free samples today!

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