Brighten up your office with NEW Prism Hologram Checks

StockChecks, Inc., a leading provider of blank laser check stock for small to large sized businesses is proud to announce the introduction of our New Prism and Prism Hologram blank laser checks.  
Prism Hologram Blank laser Checks fromStockChecks. NEW Product offering
Hologram Prism pantograph Blank laser Checks fromStockChecks. NEW Product offering
Our NEW Prism and Prism Hologram check stock are available in a vatiety of prismatic colors and positions.  Color choices include Red-Blue-Red, Purple-Yellow-Purple and Blue-Tan. The checks are on 24$ Defensa True paper which include the following Security Features
WLSKK1PPYPHL Prism Hologram Top Purple-yellow -Purple Blank laser check
Blank laser check WLSKK1PPYPHL Prism Hologram Top Purple-yellow -Purple
Prism Hologram checks are available in 4 color variations and Top Middle and Bottom Position. The perforations are our standard 3.5″ and 7″ pn top and middle checks.  The bottom check has perforations at 4″ and 7.5″ Our Prism Checks WITHOUT the Hologram are available in nine color variations, but the TOP position only.
StockChecks Top Position Blue-Yellow Prism Scallop Void Laser Check WLSTK1PBY
Blue-Yellow Prism Top Position Scallop Void Laser Check WLSTK1PBY
At StockChecks we currently offer our standard letter size blank laser check stock in top-position, middle-position, bottom-position and three-per-page formats. In addition, we also offer both standard laser check perforations of 3.5”, 4” and equal perforations of 3.66” and 3.666”. We offer security features available in Value, High Security and Hologram variations. As always, by purchasing your blank laser check stock through StockChecks you can rest assured that you are getting the best value in your purchase. StockChecks prides itself in being able to offer the best prices on our check stock along with free, same day shipping (on orders placed before 2pm, Monday through Friday). We welcome you to view our full collection of blank laser check stock, double window envelopes and more by viewing our online store. If you have any questions about placing an order, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-391-7898.

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