Benefits of Pressure Seal Checks

Pressure seal checks, also known as pressure seal check stock, are prepared with a secure and efficient technology that is available to businesses of all sizes. Many businesses invest in pressure seal technology for their check preparation due to the added security features, efficiency, and cost-savings. These benefits make investing in pressure sealers worth it for many companies. Continue reading to dive a little deeper into how these pressure sealed check features are beneficial to businesses.

Save Time With Pressure Seal Checks

Printing, preparing, and mailing out checks can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The checks need to be folded and the envelopes need to be prepared. When opting for pressure seal check stock, and utilizing pressure seal technology for printing checks can save copious amounts of time. A pressure seal machine is 60 times more efficient than hand processing checks and other documents. Imagine what employees can accomplish if they had that amount of extra time.

Cost Benefits of Pressure Sealer Technology

When a company is looking for a secure, and cost-effective method for printing and preparing checks and other documents, pressure sealers are a perfect option. This improved preparation method for checks and documents will save any company a considerable amount of money. The higher volume of checks a business has to prepare and send out, the more cost savings they will see over time. With pressure seal technology all a company needs is the paper, printer, and sealer. Preparing mailers with envelopes means having to purchase envelopes, stamps, labels, and sealer liquid. The Process reduces costs and saves space because it requires fewer materials. Reduce costs and save space with this process that requires fewer materials. When it comes to the information on the checks or other documents being mailed out, consider the value of security.

Security Features of Pressure Seal Checks

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are major benefits of pressure seal technology, but security is always a top business priority for. Pressure seal checks and pressure seal check stock offer a long list of security features. Many of the features are only found with pressure seal paper. Here are the security features that  can benefit businesses when using pressure seal technology for checks and mailers:

  • Fiber tear bond
  • A padlock security icon
  • Simulated watermarks
  • Microprinted text
  • Copy-void pantograph
  • An endorsement warning
  • Enhanced toner adhesion
  • Anti-splice backer
  • Image-friendly amount box
  • Security blockouts
  • Gradient two-color pantograph
  • UV security ink
  • Covert fluorescent fibers
  • Solvent reactive color spotting

Pressure seal technology is not just used for printing and preparing checks. There are multiple applications for pressure sealing, and they are beneficial to a variety of businesses and organizations. Here are a few of the possible applications for pressure seal technology:

  • Checks
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Grade Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Utility Bills

No reasonable business owner would pass on a technology that can increase employee efficiency, decrease supply spending, and provide added security. Pressure seal technology can accomplish all of this when it comes to preparing checks and other sensitive documents. Stock Checks is a trusted source that provides pressure seal technology and pressure seal check paper to businesses across the country. Contact Stock Checks to request pressure seal check paper samples today.

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