Double Window Envelopes – What are the benefits?

Double window envelopes are just one small item that a business may purchase, but they are a small item that can have huge benefits. Some of the benefits include improved professional appearance of your business, increased employee productivity and added security. Especially for small businesses, even these smallest purchases make a difference. From mailing payments to secure documents, consider the following benefits of using double window envelopes:

Professional Image

When it comes to doing business, appearance is everything. Specifically, maintaining a professional image is of top priority. The use of double window envelopes is just one way to improve the way other businesses and customers think of your company. A positive impression on a company will increase confidence and potentially increase sales or relationships with suppliers. The use of these envelopes creates a cleaner and more streamlined look than using address labels or writing directly on an envelope.

Save Time

Increasing employee efficiency is a critical goal for companies of all types. When your employees use double window envelopes for documents being mailed out, they save both time and money. A simple template allows employees to print documents with addresses in the proper place to appear in the envelope windows. When the mailing addresses are easily visible in the window, there is no need to prepare, print, and paste address labels for the envelopes. For companies that send out a lot of important documents, these envelopes are particularly beneficial and a simple way to save time.

Security Features

Documents such as invoices and printed checks contain highly secure information that can be devastating in the wrong hands. If your company ever sends these type of documents, consider double window envelopes. As a security measure, watermarks are patterns created with various shades used to make seeing through the envelopes difficult. The material and thickness of these envelopes make them secure for businesses to send documents with private information without the worry of a security breach.

Uses for Double Window Envelopes

Any type of document can easily be prepared to be sent via a double window envelope, however, these envelopes are generally used for important documents containing private information. Examples of the types of documents you may need a double window envelope for include invoices and printed checks. The double window envelopes offered by Stock Checks are also ADP compatible, for easy payroll preparation.

Types of Double Window Envelopes

Just like other types of envelopes, double window envelopes are available in a variety of sizes and other options. #9 and #10 envelopes are ADP compatible for payroll. The size of the windows also varies depending on the envelope selected. To ensure the correct size envelopes, consider the size of the paper you are printing on and choose a document template that is made for the envelopes you use.

In addition to size, there are also 2 options for the flap seal:

Envelopes are a product that needs to be purchased anyways, so why not select the option that is most efficient and professional. Double window envelopes create an easier experience for both customers and companies. Customized envelopes are costly and mailing labels are just another item to worry about. With great security features and a professional appearance, it seems like a no-brainer. Simplify your processes and switch to double window envelopes.

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