Are you Secure?

You Say Your Home Has A Security System, But Do Your Checks?

Fact: 30% of all homes are burglarized through open doors or windows.

Fact: Banks reported Check Fraud accounted for $893 million in losses in 2010.

Are your checks left open?

In order to lock your checks like your house, you need the proper security. Making it difficult for thieves to get in will keep your checks secure and your valuable assets (money) locked down.Security on checks, just like your home should be layered. For example, a guard dog is great, but you also need an adequate alarm and proper deadbolt locks.

Layered checks means having many methods of security including heat sensitive inks, ink eradication, micro-printing, the use of watermarks, and much more.

Make sure your stock laser checks are secure documents and your checks will have a security system that will keep you safe.

Stock Checks Security Features

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