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Business Envelopes

A company would certainly benefit from double window self-seal envelopes and self-seal envelopes. This type of envelope will benefit businesses that mail confidential and sensitive information. Stock Checks offers a great supply of self-seal envelops and check paper to fulfill a businesses mailing needs. Stock checks and medical forms are great materials for these type of envelopes. Organizations who conduct mass mailings and have a small budget will benefit from this type of envelope. Stock Checks is a great place to purchase these types of envelopes. We have all of the supplies for a business to send this kind of information. Same day shipping will also ensure that the information arrives quickly. Other types of envelopes that an organization should utilize are gum envelopes which are designed with a built-in strip.

Reasons A Company Should Use Business Envelopes:

  • Self Sealing Machines
  • Double Window Envelopes
  • Gum and Self-Seal Envelopes

Self Sealing Machines

Making sure an envelope with sensitive information is properly sealed is essential. These kinds of envelopes will allow the information contained inside to be properly secured. People who moisten the adhesive of a business envelope may cause damage to an envelope. Stock checks sell pressure seal machines can solve this issue and the machine will provide a great seal. Medical Forms and other sensitive information should be sealed with a seal pressure machine in order for the information to not be destroyed or stolen. Utilizing this machine saves time and allows for a faster delivery of the information.

Double Window Self Seal Envelopes

Utilizing double window self-seal envelopes is a great option for an organization. A professional appearance is essential when mailing business related information. Presenting a positive image of the organization will increase confidence in existing and potential customers. Double Window envelopes are great for ailing sensitive information as a result of their watermark patterns. This prevents thieves and people from being able to see through the envelope and obtaining the confidential information placed inside the envelope.

Gum and Self-Seal Envelopes

Gum and Self-seal envelopes are great types of envelopes for sending non-confidential information. These style of envelopes are great for a smaller business that may not have the budget for a pressure seal machine. Self-seal envelopes are designed with a built-in adhesive. This saves time for employees instead of moistening each envelope manually. Self-seal envelopes can be used to mail event information and marketing materials. Gum envelopes are made up of a mixture known as gum arabic which consists of polysaccharides and glycoproteins. This material gives the seal a natural adhesive. This type of envelope is more affordable which can allow for mass mailing at a small cost.

Visit Stock Checks today for double window self-seal envelopes and self-seal envelopes for an organization’s mailing needs and supplies. Stock Checks has a great supply of envelopes and sealing machines for any mailing size. To find out how we can make organizations mailing simple and stress-free and visit us on the web at Stock Checks for more information. Call Stock Checks today at (888) 391-7898 to place an order!

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