All About Business Envelope Sizes And Types


Any business large or small should use the 10 envelopes, and window envelope to fulfill their business envelope needs. Stock checks specialize in offering the highest quality blank check paper and check stock check paper for businesses. 10 envelopes and window envelopes are great options for mailings. These envelopes are available in all sizes and types. Stock Checks has an excellent supply of envelopes and forms to fulfill a businesses mailing needs. Stock is the best site to purchase these types of envelopes. We have all of the supplies for a business to send important mail. In addition, same day shipping will also ensure that the envelopes arrive quickly.


All About Business Envelope Sizes And Types

  • 10 Envelopes
  • Window Envelope
  • Sizes and Types


What is A 10 Envelope

A 10 envelope is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles. They usually feature a solid front with no window and basic flap on the back. These envelopes are excellent for sending invoices, checks, statements and other business related materials. The 10 envelope is the most commonly used business style envelope in the United States. This type of envelope can be customized which is excellent for a business in order to add a personal touch. The organization’s logo and other graphics can be placed on this envelope.


What Is A Window Envelope

A window envelope is a conventional envelope with a plastic (usually a film or BOPS Bi-oriented p; styrene films) window to allow the recipient’s address to be printed on the paper contained inside. This kind of envelope has a transparent panel through which the address on the enclosure can be viewed. There are many benefits to a business in utilizing window envelopes. Window envelopes give a professional appearance to all of a business’s transactions. This allows customers or other companies who are receiving the information to easily determine who the sender is. Using window envelopes is also time efficient. Rather than having to print both the item and envelope window envelopes have a window where the information can be easily seen. As a result, this saves time, ink and paper.


Sizes and Types

Each of these envelopes is available in a variety of sizes and types. The 10 envelope measures 4 ⅛ by 9 ½ in size which can hold a standard sheet of paper folded in thirds. Windows envelopes are available in a variety of sizes such as 4 ⅛ by 9 ½ and 3 ⅝ by 6 1/2. The window envelope comes in a variety of types such as the gummed window envelopes and self-seal envelopes. There also a variety of types of the number 10 envelopes such as the window, peel to seal, and security tint.

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